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Sometimes it's not just about pretty locations. Imagination goes a long way working in sync with a team that knows your end results intensions. See how we created this scene in a Jail in Sydney Australia with live audience.

See how Gasoline Motorcycle transformed this motorcycle!


Documentary shoot in collaboration with Gasoline Motorcycles, Harley Davidson and Sailor Jerry! One lucky owner is riding this right now.

An epic time filming this on Nikon's Z6 mirrorless camera on Atomos recorders.

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As a film director and entrepreneur, I have a passion for creating and delivering engaging and impactful stories through various media platforms. I am the director at AmairaCo Productions, a company that specializes in narrative development, concept productions, and product development.

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A Cinematic Odyssey

Beyond the Frame

Rah is renowned for burning the midnight oil and rising with the sun to capture that perfect golden hour shot. Dedication to the craft knows no bounds, as evidenced in behind-the-scenes collections. A strong emphasis is placed on effective communication, and passion infuses every aspect of work, ensuring a vibrant atmosphere on set.

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