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Join Rah Sharma, award winning Sydney based cinematographer, with experience in using Zhiyun and filming for Zhiyun. Special Guest Andrew Murphy!

Let’s talk about all things Gimbal!

Gimbal’s have assisted filmmakers around the years to get smooth buttery content. Let’s have a look at how to properly use all the modes, talk about all things gimbal and talk to Andrew Murphy, our special guest for the evening!

When a filming day turns into a passion film! Slide Anthem is one of it. With last min changes, filming had to be postponed. We decided to continue film to test out Zhiyun’s Crane 2s with Nikon Z6 and Nanlite PavoTubes.

The entire shoot was done in 2 hrs. We were fortunate that the studio space had fire options with a garden sprinkler, we managed to get great results.

Here’s the results I got!

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