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We entered a factory thinking we were going to do a paid shoot! While on the way to the shoot we decided to convert it to a test shoot. Yes right! Let’s create something out of nothing. One black canvas.

It all starts with some lights and a mobile phone in hand, in this case my iPhone 11 Pro! I looks my shots, what I needed to do with lighting and got everything planned out with Ela Ray and my Crew.

Lighting Gear Used

  • 4x Nanlite Pavo Tubes
  • 2x Nanlite Forza 500
  • Nanlite Octabox

Camera Gear Used

  • Nikon Z6 camera
  • Nikkor Z 35mm 1.8 lens
  • Zhiyun Crane 2s Gimbal
  • Atomos Ninja V Monitor

Try a few shots, adjust lighting and walah! You see something nice forming.

There were some key players making these footage’s possible. Firstly the Nikon Z6 + 35mm Z F1.8 was what we shot the entire video on. I would normally use URSA mini pro or a Pocket 6k for something like this. Yet, knowing that we were short on hands, we decided to use Nikon Z6 because if it’s Auto Focus capability.

Combine the Nikon Z6 with Zhiyun Tech Crane 2s allows you to get nice steady smooth shots while recording on Atomos Ninja V in ProRes RAW.

Slide Anthem Behind the Scenes