Crane-M2 – New Gimbal for Mirrorless, Smart Phone and Action Cam

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I am at the Zhiyun Booth at BCA 2019 and I must say this is interesting.

The ability of using one gimbal for

  • Mirrorless Cameras
  • Smart Phones
  • Action Cams

Some of the features of this new compact light weight gimbal includes:

1) All-in-one solution for lightweight camera, smartphone or action camera.
2) Small and compact with a pin and latch to fix the three axes.
3) Quick On, Quick Off: a quick release plate which allows you to easily remove your camera from the stabilizer and re-install the camera back without having to calibrate and re-balance again.
4) Multiple ¼ inch screw holes on the stabilizer that allows you to mount accessories.
*Price and availability are not released yet

Will this change the market of gimbals?


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    David Katague

    I’m super interested, after using the Weebill (it’s become my new favourite gimbal) looking to get another gimbal for really small and light setups.

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