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About Me


Rah Sharma is a multi-award winning cinematographer from Sydney, Australia. Under his company, AmairaCo Productions, Rah specialises in both commercial and arthouse filmmaking. As a self-taught filmmaker and a self-starter entrepreneur, Rah has built a highly impressive filmography since kickstarting his career in 2015. This includes feature films, short films and music videos. Additionally he has created a large catalogue of product and location advertising and commercials.

Rah’s success has won him various nominations, awards and accolades that have opened up doors to big brand support including Aputure, Laowa, Blackmagic Design, Bright Tangerine, Hollyland, Zhiyun Tech, Nikon, Smallrig, Angelbird and many more. 

Rah has been a brand ambassador for Zhiyun Tech since 2016 – 2021 and started traveling as a keynote speaker to all their expos. In 2019, Nikon has also been utilizing Rah and his experience for workshops across the world. 

Passionate about being a self-starter and teaching himself how to use a camera, Rah’s unique perspective on filmmaking in the 21st century is one that has spread far and wide thanks to the opportunities he has had to speak about his experience in multiple countries across the world. Maintaining his dedication and commitment to those that attend his workshops, Rah runs a  YouTube channel on the art of self taught filmmaking.

As Rah continues to build his portfolio, his goals are to continue to challenge the status quo in filmmaking and find new ways to create incredible content. He’ll do this by building on his remarkable portfolio and by sharing his knowledge and skills with the next generation of content creators.

On a personal note, Rah has a reputation of working late into the night yet jumping out of bed before dawn to capture the golden hour. He’s highly committed to getting the shot and his behind the scenes collections prove just how determined and how far he will go to get it. He’s an amazing communicator and because he loves what he does, he’s always fun to work with on set.