On the set of Magic

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An affable Duke, concerned by his niece’s presumed obsession with fairies and the like, hires a hapless Conjurer for an evening of magical entertainment, as a way of reaching out to her. But his efforts, and the evening are complicated with the arrivals of her cynical brother, a skeptical doctor, an idealistic vicar, the Conjurer’s demons, and a trick that goes a little too far…

Recently I was called on the set of “MAGIC” a feature film directed by Elvis Joseph. “MAGIC” is based on a play by G K Chesterton. It was a pleasure working alongside Elvis and Heather who has spent their heart and sweat into this film.

We are 2 days in filming this feature. The entire film is to be filmed within 3 days. I am really going to keep this short and simple as I am lost for words by just looking at these actors and how well they performed.

Camera Setup

The entire film has been shot on one camera. Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro was hot swappable between my custom made 2m slider and tripod. We stacked on the PS Technik Carl Zeiss glass and filmed most of the scenes at wide open f/2.8.

Lighting Setup

This was the key for the visuals of this film. Having the luck of high ceilings, we hung 3x Aputure 120T on Octabox and Chinese Lantern 1m above head height. 2x Spiffy Spekular lights were utilised for special needs, set lighting and the other as a portable soft moonlight.

Our best friend was a White Polly board which was used to bounce the Aputure 120T hanging from the ceiling back on face.

Backlight and key light for mid and closeup were done with Aputure Lightstorm 1/2 on Aputure’s spacelight.


I am happy to create more of these lighting diagrams and provide BTS. The content will be posted on Instagram, Facebook and Youtube.

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