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“Girl Addicted” – Feature Film

Over the last month I have been filming a feature film “Girl Addicted” directed by Manoj Adhikari. Girl Addicted is being shot on Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro.

In Sydney it’s typically not as easy to get the best location’s at a budget, therefore, I used lighting to create the mood the director was going for.

I must say this is one of those set’s that you work on, fall in love and do not forget. Everyone that’s on the set of Girl Addicted is very professional and passionate.

Danielle lives a strictly managed life that includes an enviable career in marketing, immaculately kept apartment and her boyfriend Charlie. Danielle’s routines of safety and comfort are quickly dismantled at the return of her younger sister, Sarah, into her life. Sarah’s semblance of innocence, disarming beauty and flirtatious charm struggles to mask her addiction to drugs, but still manages to gain the attention of Charlie. Sarah begins dealing drugs with the help of Woody in order to maintain a place with Danielle. The longer Sarah stays, the more of their families’ dark past is revealed, leading a disconcerted Danielle to methods of escapism at the guidance of her sister.

Here are some screen grabs from the film.

The film is still under production and I am looking forward sharing some behind the scene’s and memories with you all!

Our Crew:

Director: Manoj Adhikari

Screen writer: Laurent Boulanger

Producers: Karan Shrestha, Gagan Bidari,

Co-Producer: Jyoti Raj Dhungel, Sunny Dhakal

First AD: Rachael Baihn

Art Director: Ananta Taneja

DOP: Rah Sharma

BTS: Anup Shakya

MUA: Sharleen Cornish & Laura Katerina Dhir

Continuity: Robert Kelly

Sound: Lauren Ligovich

Sound Assistant: Emily Fisher



Hannah Grace (Sarah)

Nimet Kalkan (Danielle) 

Maurice Salib (Woody) 

Nicholas Perry (Charlie) 

Isabella Costigan (Young Danielle)

Audrey Nitschke (Young Sarah)

Joey London (Young Thug) 

Frances Costigian Horner (Mother) 

Shannon T Browning (Father)


Watch Behind the Scenes video below, this is a phone edit, professional behind the scenes video to be published soon  

3 thoughts on ““Girl Addicted” – Feature Film”

  1. The power of rah ✨ it’s an awesome set to be on, actors are amazing and yes we are coming to cinemas soon ??✨ Danielle/ Nimet xoxo

  2. I have loved every minute on set with Rah. Unlike other other cinematographers I’ve worked with, he has an insane ability to turn any plain space into a work of art. Rah will take the time to carefefully plan each shot, the lighting, the camera angles, working closely with set design, the placement of actors and himself (whatever it takes to get the shot), everything within the scene is strategically placed in order to deliver the true essence of the scene.

    Rah is a true creative, a highly talented artist and cinematographer and a delight to work with.

  3. As the art director, I have had a fantastic experience working with Rah on the set of Girl Addicted. He has a sharp eye for detail, understands the aesthetic vision of the film, and brings strong lighting and camera techniques to the set in executing that vision. Rah is passionate about his role, a pleasure to work with and will be an asset to any other film crew he works with in the future.

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