Conscience – Short Film

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A call at night seeking help presents a recently divorced father an opportunity to show that he can still provide for his daughter. But the call may not be what it originally seemed like.

Conscience is a short thriller film that we filmed in Jan 2017. The reasons I selected this script is I saw a theme that I liked. I am known for filming dark and cinematic films with lots of blue, green and gold colors. One strange night flipping through scripts, I found a script from Elizabeth Vu, we loved the initial concept and therefore modified the script to our location set out.

It was an honor to be featured in Blacktown Sun local newspaper thanks to Katrina Vo
As the title say’s – Let The Action Begin! 

I got Vikram Vetrial, a Director / DOP on board to help me direct this film. The best part of having Vikram on the set of Conscience is his vision is different to mine, this allowed me to have different views of scenes and setup to find the best option on lighting and mood of the film.

After 8 different version we finally agreed on a version that was not only challenging but having a great twist allowing the viewers to be hooked on to the script.

The film is currently in Post Production and should be available to view soon.

This film would not have been possible with the cast and supporters. I would specially like to thank Digital Logic who has been extremely supportive of our film. If you’re looking for professional gear, make sure to drop by at Digital Logic.

Produced by: Rah Sharma

Cinematography by: Rah Sharma

Film Editing by Rah Sharma & Vikram Vetrivel

Makeup Department Sarah Choudhary

Sound Department Elionai Dias

Camera and Electrical Department Amirrul Khirudin & Arun Surendran

Continuity & BTS Don Rajadurai


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